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Subject: Mailing beer (humor)
Date: 1992-07-20 14:58:46 GMT

Let me start off by saying this is a true story.

A couple of years ago, a buddy of mine (Tim) returned to St. Louis from LA.
While living in California, he and another friend had an uncontrollable
urge for Busch beer. Not Bud, not but Bussssch!, which I understand is not
marketed much out of the Midwest. (At the risk of detroying all crediability
on this forum, I can attest to the ingrain desire of all St. Louisiannes
for Busch.) As a gesture of friendship, Tim decided to pack up a case of
Busch and send it to his wayward friend in LA. He packed up a case and
walking into the post office and plunked it down on the counter. The
clerk hefted it onto the scale and noting the weight asked if he wanted
the package sent "book" rate. Tim mis-understood and thought she was
asking if he wanted it sent "Busch" rate. "You've got a special rate for
that?" he asked. So the next time your sending beer through the mail,
ask for the "Busch" rate.

Walter Gude ||

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