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From: polstra!larryba@uunet.UU.NET (Larry Barello)
Subject: Oatmeal Stout recipe
Date: 1992-07-21 05:19:21 GMT

Al Korz chastisted me for including a partial recipe for Oatmeal Stout
in HBD #924 (an article about mashing oats and other specialty grains).
To set the record straight here is the entire recipe:

7lb Great Western MAlting (GWM) Pale Malt. (e.g. 2-row pale/lager/ale malt)
1lb Huge Baird (HB) Roast Barley (also supplied by GWM)
1lb Rolled Oats from my co-op.
8oz HB light caristan (e.g. 15-20L crystal)

Entire brewing water supply (7gal) treated with 5gm gypsum and 1 gm chalk
(calcium carbonate).

Mash in with 8qt @ 137f, target temp 123f.
After 30 minutes, step with 5qt boiling water, target temp 154f
Conversion done in 20 minutes or so. Mash out at 168.
Sparge with remaining supply water to collect 6 gal
boil 60 minutes with 35gm chinook pellets (13% alpha) Est. IBU 67
OG with 5.5 gal of wort is 1.054
Chill, pitch 12gm dry whitbread ale yeast.
TG after 6 days @ 68f was 1.020, 3.73 %w/w, 183 cal/12oz
Fine with 1/2tsp gelatine dissolved in water when kegging.

I kegged with 1qt of wort recovered from the kettle after chilling.
I strain out the hops/trub with a fine hop bag and can the wort to
preserve it until kegging time. It would work just as well to force
carbonate or use priming sugar. Don;t over do it. Stouts are not
supposed to be fizzy. Still, with all that Oatmeal, the head is
tremendous! Get out a fork and knife when drinking :=)

This stout has a smokey aroma - probably due to the large amount
of roast barley. Even though it has a lot of hops, it seems balanced.
I think that Oatmeal makes teh resulting beer quite sweet. If served
too cold (say 45f or below) it will be quite bitter. At 50-55 it
is like nectar. Sip, sip - writing this article gave me a thirst so
I opened up a bottle. Mmm, good stuff. I bottled the last gal or so
from my keg to make room for another beer...


- Larry Barello

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