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From: (John DeCarlo)
Subject: Why Control a Refrigerator?
Date: 1992-07-21 13:22:38 GMT

Jack S asks [and I paraphrased]:

[why use an external thermostat with a refrigerator?]

I don't know what Baderbrau does, but here are the general reasons for
using a thermostat with a refrigerator or freezer.

1) Most refrigerators are not designed to maintain a specific temperature.
The temperature may vary by 5 to 10 degrees at a particular setting in
many commercial fridges.

2) Calibrating a refrigerator (which setting keeps it closest to 48 F?)
is a difficult process, particularly because of 1) above. If you always
wanted to ferment and lager at the same temperature, it might not be
so bad.

3) [This doesn't yet apply to you and may never, Jack.] The temperature
you choose to ferment at and to lager at depends on the particular
yeast strain you use and the style of beer you are trying to achieve.
If you vary these (and most homebrewers do), you may rarely ferment
and lager at the same temperature twice in a row.

A typical three-batch use may have a lager fermenting at 45F and then
lagering at 38F. Next week the brewer makes an ale and ferments it at
65 F. Two weeks later another lager, this recipe calling for fermenting
at 42F and lagering at 35F.

You can easily see how an external thermostat will greatly ease the job
of this homebrewer.

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