From the HBD Archive
Subject: Re: HefeweiBbier in CA
Date: 1992-07-21 15:27:15 GMT

In HBD 929:

Can't think of any other great beers that are also available in
bottles represented yesterday, but one other mention is a
hefeweizen from Gordon Birsch (of which I got the last glass!)
which was very tasty. I don't believe they sell in bottles though.

I'm surprised that you liked this; the people I was with uniformly judged
it to be *way* too sweet and, well, just all wrong. It simply tasted
bad to us. All I can say is that the Hefeweizen from Twenty Tank was
even worse. On the other hand, the Sudwerk (Privatbrauerei Heubsch)
Hefeweizen was excellent; they really seem to know how to do it.

Oh well. To each his own.

Mike McNally
Digital Equipment Corporation
Western Software Lab

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