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From: (Jeff Frane)
Subject: Green flakes, etc.
Date: 1992-07-21 17:07:24 GMT

First of all, a hearty THANK YOU to Tony Babinec for all the information
on Belgian malts. I'd heard these were available, and had asked George
Fix a couple of questions about them, but this information is all I
needed and enough incentive to urge Steinbart's to start carrying them.
Is the Belgian Ale book referred to part of the AHA series? I haven't
seen it, although I've been looking for it eagerly.

From: Glenn Anderson <>

Glenn asks about little blue flakes coming out of his wort chiller.
Sounds to me like verdigris--and it sounds like time to bring in
the chemists. According to the dictionary, verdigris formed by the
action of acetic acid on copper is poisonous, while a deposit of
copper carbonates is not.

What I don't understand is why they're appearing. I've been using
the same counterflow wort chiller for about seven years and I've
never seen anything like that.

From: (Keith Winter)
Subject: Dry hopping

>I'm pretty sure about the quantity of hops I want to use but I'm not
>sure about how long to leave them in. I usually secondary for about
>two weeks with most of my brews. Is this long enough/too long if I
>dry hop in the secondary?

It's long enough, but ... Having dry-hopped 20+ batches, I've learned
there is a significant change over a longer period of time as the
beer slowly gathers hop character from the infusion. My own experience
has been that the beer only really develops that incredible hop essence
after about 4 weeks. (I'm able to determine this by the simple scien-
tific method: I drink the beer from the keg which is dry-hopped. It
usually reaches its peak about the time it runs out!)

From: (The Rider)
Subject: Sake' brewing...?

>Well, I've been challenged to brew a decent batch of Sake' and have to
>admit I know nothing about it. Some time ago someone mentioned that a
>fungus is responsible for converting the starch in the rice?

>Would any and all sake' brewing experts, novices, or wannabe's point
>me in the right direction?

Michael Fetzer

You should contact Fred Eckhardt, who is publishing a sake newsletter
these days. He also has a tested sake recipe. Send him a note at
Box 546, Portland OR 97207. In the next month or so, his book on
sake should have been to the printer and back. It has a _lot_ of
information about sake -- more than you probably wanted to know!

- --Jeff Frane

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