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From: Mike Kahn <>
Subject: Some (hopefully) simple questions
Date: 1989-10-23 15:48:27 GMT

Although we have been brewing for a few years now, my friends and I
have what are probably rather basic questons. I haven't seen any
discussion of them lately, and what better place to find the answers.

One, what is the difference between a bitter and a pale ale? Is it in
the "hop structure", or is it the type of adjunct (crystal malt vs.
pale malt), or is it some combination of these?

Two, what is malt extract? For example, is light, unhopped malt extract
simply concentrated light, dry malt? If not, what is different? If so,
is there some approximate conversion? (Say, 3.3# of extract is approx.
???# of dry malt.)

Three, what exactly is Irish Moss and what is its purpose?

Four, we are preparing to make a(some) seasonal ale(s) and wonder if
anyone has suggestions for adding "seasonal" spices (e.g. cinammon,
cardamon, nutmeg.) For anyone who had Grant's Spiced Ale of a couple of
years ago, that is the prototype. We aren't looking for anything terribly
"spiced", instead we want a hint of "seasonality".

Thanks a lot for any and all discussion.


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