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From: cestes@argos5.DNET.NASA.GOV (Chris Estes)
Subject: Culturing yeast
Date: 1992-07-21 19:53:49 GMT

I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some pointers on the
best methods of culturing yeasts from beer (SNPA in particular). I know
that its available from Wyeast, but lets hypothesize...

If I were cheap and lazy (which of course I am not!) would the following
scenario be possible and if not, why not? : During the course of brewing
my next batch of beer, I (perhaps with some help) drink a six pack of
SNPA, leaving 1cm or so of beer (and yeast sediment) in the bottle (beer
is to be drank from a glass - no lips on bottle). When my brew is done,
I swish the yeast sediment up and dump the bottles into my primary.

Will this work? Must I do more to use Sierra Nevada's yeast?

Just wondering...

-Chris Estes-

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