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From: KENYON%LARRY%erevax.BITNET@pucc.Princeton.EDU
Subject: Plating out WYEAST #3056
Date: 1992-07-22 16:19:00 GMT

I just brewed a Weizen (recipe to follow) which is now
fermenting with Wyeast #3056. I streaked a wort/agar
petri dish with a sample from the Wyeast pouch. Since
3056 reportedly contains a 50/50 mix of s. cervisae and
s. delbrueckii, do I need to maintain a slant of each of
each of these strains and build each up prior to
starting, or can I maintain both on the same slant?

The latter sounds unlikely, so here's my question (?)...
How will I be able to distinguish between the two
strains on the plate? Is 50/50 the best ratio to use
for pitching subsequent batches?

I would like to hear any and all experience on this
subject as soon as possible since my plate already had
visible growth as of this morning, so please email to me
and I'll summarize to the digest ...

Now for the recipe:

Weizen Schmeizen, 10 gallons

6.6# can IREKS Wheat Malt Extract (100% Malted Wheat)
6.6# can IREKS Light Malt Extract
2 oz Hallertau Leaf, Bittering, 60 min. (alpha=4.4)
1.5 oz. Cascade Leaf, Bittering, 30 min. (alpha=5.7)
.5 oz Hallertau Plug, Aromatic, 15 min (alpha=2.9)
Wyeast #3056 from a 1qt starter. Lag time 6-8 hrs.

Bring 3 gallons water to boil, remove from heat and add
malt extract syrup (yes, all of it). Bring mixture to
boil, add Hallertau bittering hops. After 30 minutes
add Cascade bittering hops, 15 minutes later add
Hallertau plug (I used hop bags for all 3 additions).

Cool wort (about 3.5 gallons) to about 100F, siphon onto
another 3.5 gallons of cold tap water, aerating
vigorously. This produced 7 gallons of wort with a
S.G.=1.065 (I get great extract efficiency from my

I intend to rack (dilute) this into two secondaries each
containing 1.5 gallons of water. Since there won't be
any new sugars for the yeast to contend with I don't
plan on aerating the additional water. I figure this
should get me to 10 gallons of what would have been
S.G.=1.045 beer, if I had the capacity (or deire) to
brew/primary the entire volume.

Pitched yeast starter @75-80F.

I'll post the results when I know them ...

Thanks, -Chuck-

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