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From: (Brian Bliss)
Subject: yeast/O-rings/Bully Porter
Date: 1992-07-22 15:38:39 GMT

>I see no reason to go to a second yeast, such as a champagne yeast.

If you do, make sure that you use a large starter, and pitch at high
krausen. There isn't enough O2 left in the wort for the yeast
to undergo multiply (and/or the high alcohol kills much of the
active yeast), so it's even more important to get the yeast going
before adding it to the already-fermented wort.

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>Wyeast #1098 is (allegedly) the Whitbread 3-strain.

Any authorative information on this? I've heard it before,
but I also thought that all the wyeast were single strains,
except for the Bavarian Wheat yeast.

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>to blame for the cola/rootbeer/etc. flavors. Foxx sells the little o-rings
>for probably a dollar per dozen. At that price, why bother keeping the
>old ones?

What's their ph#/address?

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>The best brew in the house was the guest beer Bully Porter form the *****
>brewery in Colorodo (does anyone know who brews this?).

It comes from the Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City, MO


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