From the HBD Archive
From: Chris McDermott <>
Subject: Cream Stouts and Lactose
Date: 1992-07-22 19:16:28 GMT

Cream Stouts and Lactose

As I understand it, lactose is often added to cream stouts. Since the lactose
is unfermentable by normal "beer" yeasts, it remains in the final product to
give it a sweet, "creamy" flavor. Unfortunately, lactose is not only
unfermentable by the yeasty-boys, it is also undigestable by many humans. Does
anyone have a reasonable suggestions for a lactose substitute in these
recipies. Perhaps there is a "natural" procedure for doing this, like using
more specialty malts, or higher mash temps, but my inexperience has left me in
the dark. Anyone got a light?

Chris McDermott, [homebrew, not just for breakfast anymore]

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