From the HBD Archive
From: Brew Chemist Walter <>
Subject: Lotto America Digest
Date: 1992-07-22 20:10:30 GMT

Fellow HBD'ers,

For all of you who enjoyed sending in your "lottery tickets"
to the HBD, for all of you who have wasted precious bandwith and countless
hours of company time for my having to wade through all the shit in the
HBD lately, and for anyone else with info on the hunter airstat, see below:

ANNOUNCING THE NEW Lotto America Digest

Yes each and everyday (weekends excluded :-( ) you can send your useless
e-mail to Lotto America Digest. A winner will be picked on the basis
of the most inane use of bandwith each day, so really try and be bone
stupid. To subscribe to the list send mail to the following address
with "Thanks Jack" as the subject line

Be aware that the sudden surge of mail may cause the moderator
of the list to take a few days to post your responses, but you
will get them I am sure.

Good Day, and sorry for wasting HBD space, but I couldn't resist +-:-)


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