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Subject: yeast cultivation from bottles, barley wine
Date: 1992-07-22 20:36:08 GMT

Chris Estes writes:

>I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some pointers on the
>best methods of culturing yeasts from beer (SNPA in particular).

The Yeast issue of Zymurgy has some good info. What I have been doing lately
is to create a sterile starter (I use a pressure cooked - yeast flask or large
flask or quart mason jar) 1-2 Tablespoons dry malt per 500 ml of good water. I
let the beer bottles settle for a coupla days after purchase. Then I pour the
bottles into a pitcher immediatly putting the yeast dregs into the sterile
media, then shake the container, then store in a warm (75 deg f) place. It
usually starts right up with little pinpoints of 'head', and is ready to go in
a coupla days. I then pitch that into a gallon glass starter of 2 liters and
taste it for infection. When the 2 liters of starter is ready to go I brew.
I've gotten great results this way, and you can inocculate a quart mason jar
and refriderate it it in a plastic bag, and it keeps for several months.
I would advise making a starter rather than adding right to the carboy to
decrease the lag time.

-The Hopdevil

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