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From: avalon! (Jeff Mizener)
Subject: PET bottles & missing digests 928 & 929
Date: 1992-07-23 13:32:36 GMT

Well, I won't win a maltmill but the mailtool in Openwindows 2
has a bug that causes it to disobey the command to save a message
to a new file sometimes.

Could someone send me digests 928 & 929? Please drop me a note
first and then send as I don't want to get 30 of each. Thanks.

I recently went on a camping/rafting trip with number of beer brewers and
drinkers (mostly drinkers). A friend from Canada brought
24 one liter PET (green plastic soft drink) bottles full of homebrew.
Needless to say he was pretty well accepted into the group.

But the PET bottles caused a stir. The assembled group oohh'd and
aahhhh'd over the bottles (& the beer) but generally admitted that
this was an unfamiliar but desirable method of storing beer.

He buys them at one of the (at least 3) homebrew supply shops in Kingston, Ontario for $cdn9 per dozen. He says they're cheaper mailorder.

Well, not one to be the last to try something new, I went to Canada and
bought 12 liters & 24 half liters, with caps (good sealing caps).
They don't break, they're easy to clean, they're light and my next batch
of bitter will go in them. When they get old, you can recycle them (at
least in Raleigh...).

Any comments??? My local BrewStoreMeister said that they were available
but rather expensive. He said that Coors had floated some trial marketing
balloons but the reception had not been real good. In Britian you can buy
lots of different beers in 2 litre pet bottles. Granted, there's a certain
visceral satisfaction to opening a crown-capped bottle and hearing the
`pffffssstt', but is there any reason why we shouldn't use these bottles??

Raft trip attendee and digest subscriber Bob Safranek tells me he found the
bottles at a HB store in Milwaukee @ $13.00 for 24 - 16 oz. More expensive
than Canada but not bad...


Jeff Mizener / Siemens Energy & Automation / Raleigh NC / Intelligent SwitchGear Systems
(reply to this address, not the one in the header!!)

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