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From: R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU (Russ Gelinas)
Subject: mashout,hops,cooler
Date: 1992-07-23 14:12:30 GMT

Not in that order, actually. First, those small spikey growths on
your hops may very well be the beginnings of the cones; they start out
looking like burrs, then eventually turn into cones. I'd say give it
a couple of weeks. If they don't change, or if you notice definite
pollen falling from the spikey growths and you have female plants
nearby, you might well have to pull it up.

On the subject of hops, I just brewed a wheat beer finished with my
own Hallertauer hops. In contrast, the Cascade plant (1 year younger,
actually I got it from Dave Wills of Freshops for the Manchester conference!)
is just now producing the "burrs". I think the H may be done for the
season; Japanese Beetles really damaged it. Strangely, they haven't touched
the Cascade.

Re. mashout: I always mashout at 170+ degF. I've gotten one stuck
sparge out of 10 or so batches. The grain was crushed pretty finely, too
much powder, so I think that was the cause. Mashing out should help *avoid*
stuck sparges, but it won't eliminate them. It also helps extraction
efficiency. I sparge in a *10* gallon cylindrical cooler from Wal-Mart.
Service Merchandise has them too. That size cooler is seasonal stock, so
don't wait.


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