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Subject: Setting up starter wort
Date: 1992-07-23 15:43:00 GMT

On the advice of a friend, I got a case of quart mason jars, boiled up 3
gallons (in the end) of generic wort (3# liquid malt extract), and then
canned them in a pressure cooker. voila - several months (depending on
usage) pre-supply of sterile wort.

Just sterilize a gallon jug, start the wyeast packet a day in advance of
adding to the starter wort (or use dry yeast), pour the yeast in, and
fit with a fermentation lock about two or three days before you brew.
Use a sterilized funnel to keep the wort and yeast away from the mouth
of the bottle.

By way of example, the overflow bucket for the last batch was full of
foam the following morning; this was about 9 hours after pitching.

I avoided this for a while as being too much work, but now that I've
made three batches each with virtually no lag time (<12hours), and my
beers no longer have infection problems, I'd recommend this to everyone.
It's made a tremendous improvement in the quality of my beer. After the
first batch this way, I threw all previous batches down the drain.
Credit would also have to go to the counterflow (got it right this time)
wort chiller for keeping the wort sterile during cooling, but I think
the vigorous (otherwise sterile) yeast culture probably deserves most of
the credit for clean beer.


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