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From: Jim Haselmaier <jimh@hpfcspm>
Subject: Saran Wrap and Bottles
Date: 1989-01-04 20:03:36 GMT

>> >> On another subject could someone with a microscope and stains
>> >> tell me if Saran Wrap fresh off the roll is relatively bacteria free?
> >Fascinating question! What do you plan to do with the saran wrap, if
> >I might ask?

I have a friend who used to be a Production Engineer on a Saran Wrap
production line. Once she saw how the stuff was made, she decided not
to use the first and last ten feet of any roll. That doesn't say much
for the plastic that's in the middle; but it certainly is not intended
to be "sterile".

>> >> When I prepare to bottle, I put my cleaned bottles in my oven and
>> >> bake them at 300 degrees for 30 minutes, then let them cool overnight.

When I bottled my most recent batch I changed my method slightly which
helped considerably in reducing my worrying.

In general I get the most "nervous" when I bottle. I would place the
sterilized bottles on the kitchen floor uncovered. There they would sit
until filled; usually for about 30 minutes.

Some friends told me they cover their bottles with paper towels ; which
seemed like a good idea. But then I thought it would be even better to
cover the bottle with a sterilized new bottle cap. When the bottle is
sterile, I put a new bottle cap on top and set it on the floor. I only
remove the cap when I actually fill the bottle.

This process modification made me a much more sociable person (at least
according to my wife) during the bottling task. ("Did you say you're
going to bottle? I think I'll leave the house for a while.")

Jim Haselmaier

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