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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: Achtung: Braumeistern!
Date: 1989-10-24 04:18:59 GMT

Ich habe mir versprochen: Dass Ich von jetzt an nur das Reinheitsgebot

(Very Loosly Translated: I'm going to make the switch to brewing all grain
beers -- mashing, sparging, etc...)

Today I ordered ~30# of Klages malted barley, some Munich, some
roasted unmalted barley, and a sparger. I used the last of my extract
syrup on the *slavian beer this weekend, and then succumbed to a
long-suppressed desire to be a masher :-}.

The stuff will arrive in a couple of days from Great Fermentations of
Santa Rosa, at which time I intend to step-mash my way to ale Nirvana
(can't tell I've been sampling my wares, can you?)

BTW: has anyone tasted Anchor Steam's Christmas Ale yet? I had a
bottle this weekend, and it is wonderful. I think their magic
ingredient is roasted unmalted barley. It may just be necessary to try
a Christmas ale as the first all-grain recipe.


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