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Subject: Some simple answers
Date: 1989-10-24 19:53:29 GMT

>From: Mike Kahn <>
>Subject: Some (hopefully) simple questions

>One, what is the difference between a bitter and a pale ale?

A bitter _is_ a pale ale. Pale ales are ales that are paler than
brown ales. The two pale ales that come to my mind are: Bitters
and India Pale Ale or IPA. The most concentrated description
of styles I've ever seen is in the National Homebrew Competition
entry form which can be found in several Zymurgy issues each year.

>Two, what is malt extract? For example, is light, unhopped malt extract
>simply concentrated light, dry malt? If not, what is different?

Dry malt extract is malt extract syrup without the water.
I don't know the exact percentages for conversion, but dry
malt extract has a little more fermentable sugar by weight
than syrup (because the water weighs a finite amount).
Personally, I use the two interchangably, pound-for-pound,
and don't worry about it.

>Three, what exactly is Irish Moss and what is its purpose?

I have no idea what Irish Moss actually is, but it's purpose
is to remove proteins from your wort so you don't get chill
haze in your finished product.

Sorry, I have no expertise with spiced beer.


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