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From: Tom Hotchkiss <trh@hpestrh>
Subject: Coffee Stout, Specific Gravity
Date: 1989-10-25 15:07:08 GMT

A. Coffee Stout

To the person who made the stout with the coffee in it, I intend to fire
up a batch of "Colorado Crankcase Stout" this weekend and I was wondering
two things:

1) How much coffee did you use and am I correct that you added it to
the ferment, not the boil? (I can't seem to find the digest
where this was explained.)

2) Have you tasted the stout yet and would you alter the amount of
coffee that you used?

B. Miscellaneous responses to John S. Watson:

1) Your carboy tragedy- Use a two stage ferment. Put the wort in
a sanitized 7 gallon plastic bucket for the first day or two (until
the head falls). Then siphon it into the carboy. This prevents
your disaster and gets the beer off the trub and dead yeast.
If you're real worried about the hop oils and stuff not blowing
off, you can use a sanitized strainer to skim the head off.

2) Low specific gravity. I think the expected SG values are at 60
degrees, but that shouldn't make much difference. The only other
thing I can think of is that you're not getting a good sample,
i.e. if you add water to the wort to bring the volume up to 5
gallons, are you sure that it is mixed thouroughly before you
take your sample? Perhaps the sample is taken from a thinner part
of the wort. I can't possibly imagine that 12 lbs extract and
2 lbs honey in 5 gallons only yielded 1.056!

Tom Hotchkiss

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