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Subject: What's a pale al
Date: 1989-10-25 15:43:33 GMT

This regards the recent discussion of pale ales vs. bitters.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my memory, I recall reading (or hearing
or dreaming) that pale ale originated in a region of Ireland called "Pale,"
and didn't necessarily refer to ales which were lighter in body or flavor
or color. Now, I can't recall where I came up with this tidbit.

Has anyone else any information on this? Did I dream it up after drinking
too much pale ale? Maybe my fourth grade teacher said it, right after she
told me that the reason it's colder in winter is because the earth is
farther away from the sun. Which is true if you live in the southern

[Florian Bell, thinking about the ingredients for Holiday Ale as I
try to work]

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