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From: Mike Fertsch <gatech!!FERTSCH>
Subject: Syrups versus Dry Extracts
Date: 1989-10-25 15:43:00 GMT

Mike Kahn <> has Some (hopefully) simple questions:

> What is malt extract? For example, is light, unhopped malt extract simply
> concentrated light, dry malt? If not, what is different? If so, is there
> some approximate conversion? (Say, 3.3# of extract is approx. ???# of dry
> malt.)

Dry malt extract is malt syrup without the water. Pound for pound dry malt
extract has more 'stuff' than the syrup. Extract numbers I've read are 36
specific gravity points per pound per gallon for syrups, and 42 points for
dry extracts. If a recipe calls for 1 pound of syrup, you can substitute
0.85 pounds (0.85 = 36/42). Dry extract is easier to measure and handle,
so dry is my perference for situations which call for non-integer cans of

Mike Fertsch

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