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Subject: Seasonal Beers
Date: 1989-01-06 20:25:40 GMT

G'Day, (12/15/88)

Last week I went to a beer Christmas/Winter beer tasting at the Dublin pub in
Portland, OR. hosted by Fred Ekhart (sp?). They served a sampling of 10
different regional and national beers of the season. Let me tell
you, there are
some really GOOD beers out there. I'll try to rate them as -5 to +5 judged on
my linkings and those at the table with me. The ones we had were:

1) Oregon Trail Winter Ale (on tap)
Oregon Trail Brewery, Corvallis OR.
specifics - OG 1.042 ?% Alc
Dextrin and 2-row malts
Willamette and Tettanger hops (30 bitterness)
This was billed as a 'Dry' style beer. It was pretty sweet though
and quite
cloudy. I thought it had a slightly sour taste, but that could
have been from
the 30 bitterness units...
rated as average (0) Available only on tap.

2) Winter Hook (on tap)
Independent Brewery (Red Hook), Seattle WA.
specifics - OG 1.052 4.1% Alc.
B.C. Goldings and Willamette hops (50 bitterness)
A British sytle Pale Ale. This is a new recipe from last year. What was
Winter Hook has now become Red Hook ESB. Amber colored, the taste of the
grains and hops come through very well.
rated as good stuff (+3) Available on tap or in bottles.

3) Widmer Festbier (on tap)
Widmer Brewery, Poortland, OR.
specifics - OG 1.058 4.2%
2 row, Munich, Choc malts and Rosted Barley
Perle, Tettanger and Hautauller hops
Very hoppy, otherwise average. This is a german Altbier, wich is a german
style ale, brewed at 60F then stored at <50F (lager temps)
rated average (0) Available only on tap.

4) Winter Brew (on tap)
Bridgeport brewery, Portland OR
specifics - OG 1.057 ?%
Scottish pale, Crystal and Brown malts
BC Goldings, Northern Brewer (40 bitterness)
122F-155F single step infusion method
WOW a great beer. I was too busy drinking and smiling to take notes.
This is one to out of your way for (thankfully I don't have to go to far!)
rated WOW (+4) Available only on tap.

5) WaSail (on tap)
Hood River brewery (Full Sail Ale), Hood River OR. (wind surfer land)
specifics - OG 1.060 5.1%
2 row, Crystal and Brit black malts
Perle and Saaz hops
The word for this beer is hops! This is a strong ale. The taste is very
similar to Full Sail, only more body.
rated very good (+2) Available only on tap.

6) Grant's Spiced Ale (aka Portland Winter Ale) (on tap)
Grant's brewery, Yakama/Kirkland WA (Portland Brewery, Porland OR)
specifics - OG 1.061 5.3%
2 row, 10% carmel malts.
Galina and Cascade hops (30 bitteress)
spices (guessed) Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove,
Serve this beer warm or you won't get to enjoy it (110F). The
taste is well
rounded. The spices are evenly ballanced, and just remind you of
sitting by
a fire on a cold winter night in the mountains. I can't say enough about
this beer. Drive well out of your way for this one. It will
remind you why
you love beer.
rating (guess) AWESOME (+5) Available on tap or in bottles.

7) Anchor Christmas ale (bottle)
Anchor Brewing, Bay Area(?) CA.
specifics - OG 1.068 5.1%
2 row and Crystal malts
? hops (dry hopped) (60 bitterness)
spices Allspice, Cinnamon, Anise (?)
This is a very good spiced ale. Too bad we had it right after the Grant's.
Again a lot of body in this brew. We had this one cold, but Fred says
it'smuch better warmed.
rating great (+3) Available on tap or in bottles.

[Barley wines]

8) Snow Cap Ale (on tap)
Hart brewing, Kalama, WA
specifics - OG 1.074 7.0%
2 row, Carel, Amber, Brown malts. Torrified barley
CJ 90 (Saaz relative) and Cascade hops
This has a very rich, malty flavor. The hops are very present. Could use
some more aging (was only 1 month old). Still very good.
rating very good (+2). Available on tap or in bottles.

9) Old Knucklehead (on tap)
Bridgeport brewery, Portland OR
specifics - OG 1.092 7.1%
Pale, Scottish, Crystal malts Rosted barley.
Northern brewer, Kent golding hops (55 bitterness)
Very smooth and malty. Brewed at various times, Bridgeport brewery always
serves half and stores half for later. This is a very good example of a
barly wine.
rating WOW (+4). Available only on tap.

10)Samichlaus Beir (in bottle)
Samichlaus brewery, Zeurich, Swz.
specifics - ? 11.9%
aged 1 year.
Another great barley wine. We had this served with Bleu cheese. I didn't
write too much down, this was a last beer in a long night, but I seem to
remember that it was very good, even bodied and like that. All I wrote was
WOW! so therefore...
rating WOW (+4). Available only in bottles around christmas. (don't forget
the cheese!)

Well sorry about the spelling errors (I know they are there, "Damn it jim, I'm
a programmer not a typist"). I hope this is of some use to you all out there.

Hoppy holidays,
May all of your brews be bright!
Greg Croasdill
UUCP: ...(tektronix | sun | percival)!nosun!sharpwa!gcc
Snail: Sharp Microelectronics fone : (206) 253-3738
Vancouver,WA (the other Vancouver) "Don't believe everything you read"

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