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From: Marty Albini <martya@hpsdl39>
Subject: Stuck fermentation! Help!
Date: 1989-10-26 16:01:36 GMT

Sunday,10/15 I made a batch of Doug Roberts' Mackeson clone
stout (BTW, what do you call that? Most recipes have a cute name). I
got a slightly higher OG (1.060 instead of 1.058) mostly, I think, due
to using a pound of dry malt to substitute for one pound of extract. I
also steeped the grains instead of adding them to the boil, so I might
have pick up some extra unfermentables.

At any rate, I rehydrated a package of Edme yeast in room
temperature water and pitched into ~78F wort. The yeast foamed up
nicely and smelled fine. Then the funny stuff happened.

I set it in my usual place (under my house) and checked the
next day: no bubbles in the lock. Checked next day: still no bubbles.
Worried, I unwrapped the sheet I use to keep light out and found 1/2"
of krausen on top. I checked for leaks which might have let the CO2
out around the lock, found none, decided to relax and have a homebrew.

The Krausen fell soon after, still no bubbles. I moved it to a
warmer location: no bubbles. Checked the gravity: 1.030. So some
fermentation had taken place, and the beer had some dissolved CO2 in
it. Checked the gravity last nite (three days later): it hadn't
changed, and the beer was flat. Desperate, I rehydrated more yeast and

What is going on? I had heard good things about Edme yeast.
It's supposed to be fairly attenuative and generally good quality. Has
anybody noticed it behaving flakily before? And why didn't I see any
bubbles in my fermentation lock? Two days after pitching I'd expect to
see a bubble a second or so.

All along the wort has tasted fine, no bacteria sourness or
unusual off flavors. It has promise of being excellent stout (thanks,
Doug!), so I really want it to turn out well.

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