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From: willa@hpvclwa
Subject: Max Headroom
Date: 1989-10-27 17:16:05 GMT

How much headroom? I use a pvc bottle filler. It's a rigid tube with a valve
on the end. The valve opens when pushed down (against the bottom of a bottle
hopefully). When the bottle is full, just remove the filler. The valve
closes immediately. At that instant, beer is just seeping over the lip of
the bottle. When the filler is pulled out, the beer falls to fill in the
lost volume. I get a nice 1" headspace on 12 oz bottles, and about 1 1/2" on
champaign bottles (due to the similar neck diameter and larger height).
The headroom is very consistent. No muss, no fuss.

The valve is removable for cleaning. The only drawback is that the valve
leaks a little when closed. I make sure I always have an empty bottle ready
to park the filler in (why does the phone always ring when I'm bottling?).

I've got mail order info if anyone is interested. Cost is < $5.00.

. .Will
..!hplabs!hpvcfs1!willa or

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