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From: david%cygnus.@Sun.COM (David do-not-trust-the-return-path Kensiski )
Subject: end of ``Golden Beer'' State; bad return path
Date: 1989-10-27 21:38:20 GMT

Well, that's it for my ``Golden Beer'' State postings. I noticed that
my return path got seriously munged up. If anyone tried to send me
mail using that path, it tried to go to some Sun office and undoubtably
bounced. I apologize for that. Try again with:


David L. Kensiski, KB6HCN Martin Marietta Data Systems
Software Engineer 1540 River Park Drive, Suite 213
Phone: (916) 929-8844 Sacramento, CA 95815
UUCP: sun!sacto!mmsac!david INTERNET: mmsac!david@sacto.West.Sun.COM

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