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From: hplabs!harvard!ima!wang7!klm
Subject: Re: Sterilizing Bottles
Date: 1989-01-07 11:12:23 GMT

Hi! I'm new to this digest and this is my first submission.

I've been following the thread on sterilizing bottles and thought
that I might put in my $.02 worth.

After getting the bottles physically clean, (i.e. no debris, yeast,
cigarette butts, etc.) I run them through a full cycle in my dishwasher
including a HOT dry WITHOUT detergent. I do this several hours before
bottling time and I don't open the dishwasher until I am ready to start
using the bottles. I haven't had any noticeable sanitation problems
in my bottling since I started doing this several batches ago.

Also, I use non-returnable green Molson bottles. I have recycled most
of them several times now and have not had one break yet.

I prefer green bottles for aesthetic reasons and I don't worry about
skunking the beer because I always keep it boxed.

Oh, yes, about the cleaning step above... I first soak the bottles in
a weak chlorine solution for about 1/2 hour and then rinse them
thoroughly with a jet spray washer. This does an excellent job of
removing even those tough deposits.


Kevin McBride
Wang Laboratories, Inc.
Lowell, MA
.!ima!wang7!klm (work)
.!ima!wang7!gozer!klm (home)

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