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From: metaphor!bambam! (Lynn Gold)
Subject: American beers
Date: 1989-10-29 18:19:08 GMT

>From: bbuck@East.Sun.COM (Bruce Buck - Sun ECD Hardware)
>Subject: Re: Results of GABF

>Further, the fact that Bud, Miller, Coors, et. al. won medals in the American
>pilsener categories should remind people that these beers are not the junk
>everyone says they are. They are good examples of the style. It's just that
>that's the only style available from the big brewers. Hence the rise of
>micro- and homebrewing.

I disagree with the synopsis of them being "good beers." If you have to
choose between dog urine, goat urine, and rat urine and goat urine wins a
prize, does that mean goat urine is good to drink?

Seriously, I don't know why, but I can't drink Bud, Miller, Stroh's or Coors.
I've thrown up every time I've tried to drink Bud in the last 3 or so years
(no, I wasn't drunk either!) except for those times I gagged before I could
get it down. Miller and Stroh's set my gag reflexes going; Coors sometimes
does, too.

I wouldn't care about this (I don't choose to drink these beers), but I'm
sometimes thrown into awkward social situations where I'm expected to drink
them. Could somebody who knows what these beers have in common that makes
me ill when I drink them? I don't have this problem with Michelob, Henry's,
or any of the "premium" beers.



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