From the HBD Archive
Subject: Bud Dry
Date: 1989-10-30 17:37:00 GMT

In HomeBrew Digest #289 Bruce Buck wrote:

> I thought that they made Michelob Dry and not Bud Dry.

Since I was one of the lucky volunteers to help unload the beer truck, I can
verify that there really was Bud Dry there. It is a new product that they are
marketing. Since I am not into tastless beers, I did not try any.

> Also, since I live close to the Bud plant in Merrimack, NH we get something
> called "Anheuser" which is a great Marzen beer. Not at all something you'd
> expect from Anheuser-Busch. Was "Anheuser" entered in the competition?

I was also lucky enough to snag some of the Marzen before it was all gone. I
liked the flavor and was surprised that it came from Anheuser Busch. I also
learned that the difference between the "Bud" class beers and the "Busch"
class beers is that one uses rice as an adjunct and the other uses corn.


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