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Subject: GABF, Mead Temperature
Date: 1989-10-30 17:34:00 GMT

(I have been trying to send this for a week now.)

I just capped off a perfect weekend of beer drinking by stepping outside my
office and whatching the space shuttle land.

Those of you who missed the Great American Beer Festival this past weekend in
Denver, missed out on a chance to taste regional beers from all over the
United States. Almost every state was represented. Many different styles of
beer were available for tasting. There were about 300 different beers to be
tasted in only 9 hours! Needless to say, I didn't get to taste them all. I
think that the festival should be 3 days instead of only 2. Most of the beer
was only available in the region it came from or only at the brewpub it was
made. I found that my favorites were from Alaskan Brewing in Juneau, Alaska
and the Rogue Ales from Bayfront Brewing in Newport and Ashland Oregon.
Deschutes Brewpub in Bend, Oregon also makes great beer.

This year, the beers were separated into 2 different rooms for bottles and
draft. There were so many people there, that a lot of them didn't make it into
the draft room or know it was there before the voting ended. Only 1 beer from
the draft room got an award even though the beer there tasted fresher and
better than the bottled beer. Of course the parties in the hotel rooms
afterwords were great, especially Saturday night to try and finish off the
leftovers in the kegs!

No visit is complete without going to Old Chicago in Boulder for Pizza and 110
different beers to choose from. Liquormart in Boulder was another Mecca with
a giant walk in beer refrigerator with 100's of brands of beer. They even
sell homebrew supplies there!

As for the question on temperatures to serve mead, I treat it like white wine
and drink it cold from the refrigerator.


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