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From: (Ihor W. Slabicky)
Subject: hat cheap beer gag reflex
Date: 1989-10-30 14:35:22 GMT

From: metaphor!bambam! (Lynn Gold)
Subject: American beers

Seriously, I don't know why, but I can't drink Bud, Miller,
Stroh's or Coors. I've thrown up every time I've tried to
drink Bud in the last 3 or so years (no, I wasn't drunk either!)
except for those times I gagged before I could get it down.
Miller and Stroh's set my gag reflexes going; Coors sometimes
does, too. I wouldn't care about this (I don't choose to drink
these beers), but I'm sometimes thrown into awkward social
situations where I'm expected to drink them. Could somebody
who knows what these beers have in common that makes me ill
when I drink them? I don't have this problem with Michelob,
Henry's, or any of the "premium" beers.

Congratulations! Your body has developed an automatic gag reflex.
When your tongue's taste buds come in contact with any one of the
cheap beers, your body knows that this is a trash beer and will not
accept it. However, you seem to have a normal reaction to the
'premium beers' and probably have a similar normal reaction of
acceptance with microbrewer's and homebrewers beers as well. So,
don't worry, relax, you have an educated palate!

In social situations, you can yell at the of your voice: "Who's
the jerk that's serving this p*ss-water!!!" and throw the
offending brew at the nearest wall whenever you get a cheap beer.
Or, you can refrain from drinking beer and have a soft drink or
carbonated water or... Or, you can be very, very generous and
buy enough 'premium beer' for everyone (or at least for yourself
and then hoard your personal stash).

I : h - o ) r

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