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From: Darryl Richman <>
Subject: unknown
Date: 1989-01-07 15:46:50 GMT

In the Jan 06 digest, "CRF@IFASGNV.BITNET" (Cher Feinstein) writes:
"KEGS: I have read and been told that kegged homebrew tends to have problems
"with yeast stir-up when tapped. I have avoided trying kegging on this basis.
"Comments, anyone?

I keg regularly with the 5 gallon Cornelius (soft drink syrup) kegs.
The draw tube, through which the outgoing beer passes, reaches all the
way to the bottom of the keg, so the first few pints come with a dollop
of yeast. I mostly use Sierra Nevada yeast, which flocculates into a
very compact layer, and after the second or third pint I don't see
anymore yeast. When the keg is empty, I have opened it up to find that
there is about a 1" inch radius circle around the draw tube that is
clean of yeast,otherwise there is a solid yeast pancake on the bottom.
This hardly seems to be a yeast stir up. I have transported partly
full kegs with a minimum of yeast stirred into the beer, even when
tapping directly after arrival. Of course, if you avoid it, that means
there is less demand in the used keg market for me. ;-)

--Darryl Richman
(The Falcon's Nest homebrewing BBS sysop 818 349 5891)

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