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From: hplabs!garth!apd!phipps
Subject: Re: label glues
Date: 1989-10-31 22:01:20 GMT

> (Mike Meyer) wrote:
>These days I only use labels for display purposes,
>preferring to spend my time brewing rather than scraping.

Indeed. Getting the original labels off is enough of a hassle;
I certainly don't want my own labels to recreate that hassle for me.

I would probably want to use whatever Felinfoel (a Welsh brewery)
or Anchor uses to glue their labels, which are composed of paper.
Simply soaking them in water for a few days allows them to *fall* off --
no scraping required, although I wipe once across the formerly labelled
part of the bottle with my hand, just to remove residue, then rinse and dry
(Unfortunately, San Jose water, which in my part of town is drawn from wells,
may have rather interesting label glue solvents in it that other people
on this mailing-list can't get for free -- Santa Clara County contains
more SuperFund toxic waste sites than any other county in the U.S..
The City of San Jose assures me that my water is safe, but I digress :-(.

A big unused ice-chest works nicely as a place to soak bottle labels.
Surprisingly, an in-use ice-chest seems to work even better.
I have noticed that the labels will fall off bottles after being kept
in an ice chest with lots of ice-melt) for a few days -- even obnoxious
foil labels (e.g.: EKU). Any explanations from chemists out there ?

>I use [mucilage], which applys pretty easy from the rubber tipped bottle,
>and is water soluable.

I may give that a try.

>My roommate used to use 3M industrial spray glue,
>which is not so easy to get off again.

And therefore disqualified.

>Jason Goldman <hp-lsd!jdg> wrote:
>An artist friend [...] has designed a series of labels for my beer [...,]
>which I was copying onto 8 1/2 " x 11 " label stock
>that I got at an office supply store.
>I've used two different brands of label stock (Dennon [too sticky] and
>another brand [paper too thick]) which I haven't been real happy with.

I suspect that office-supply labels are designed to be difficult to remove,
which is a design goal incompatible with homebrewing. Disqualified.

>I'm moving into color labels soon and was thinking of using rubber cement
>to fasten the label to the bottle.

I have used rubber cement to hold labels on copier paper to a clean bottle.
Although it was messy to apply, it worked fine for a while. After a couple
of years, though, the labels fell off, which I suspect resulted from
the glue drying out, then the label returning to its original flat shape,
which fits a cylindrical bottle poorly.

>I think that I will try the glue sticks instead.

Another thing on my list of things to try.

I will be touring the Anchor Brewery in about a week, so if they are
willing to tell me what glue they use, I'll let this mailing-list know.

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