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From: falk@Sun.COM (Ed Falk)
Subject: Re: Beer Makers of America
Date: 1989-11-07 18:34:42 GMT

I got a couple requests for more info about Beer Makers of America

Beer Makers of America is on 4th st. in San Jose. I forget their address, but
they're in the phone book (that's why I went originally, they're the *only*
brew-supplier in the phone book). It's only open 10-5 Thu-Sat, he does mail
order the rest of the week. The owner is a somewhat surly person. He'll be
only too glad to tell you how when beer-making was legalized, he tried to form
a nationwide club called Beer Makers of America, but Charlie Papazian, who
doesn't know as much as he does, beat him to it. Etc., etc., etc.

The owner is also pretty un-helpful if you have beginner's questions. Once
when I was in there, there were a couple of glass carboys on the floor by the
entrance. The owner couldn't remember how they got there, and then remembered
that they'd been left there by a customer who had stomped out of the store
when he'd been rude to her. She had been asking "dumb questions".

He has an 800 number for his mail-order business too. I've never ordered
anything by mail because he charges 10% extra.

However, if you already know what you want, it's the cheapest and most
convenient place I've found (so far).

If you want friendly help, "Let's Brew" in Morgan Hill are nice people and
they've been happy to answer my questions on the phone. It's a bit of a drive
from the Bay Area though.

I'm still looking for good sources in the Bay Area; I'm going to try to find
the Fermentation Settlement next.

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