From the HBD Archive
From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: Re: recipes
Date: 1989-11-07 20:15:51 GMT

The Dave Miller book has some very reasonable mash recipes, but I would add
two warnings. First, his hop bittering levels may come out a bit too bitter if
you 1) very vigorously boil a very thin wort and 2) use very fresh pellet
hops. For cases where the sweet wort gravity is low I cut back around 10% from
his recommendations. Secondly, beginners should figure on getting 10-20% less
extract efficiency than Miller, so the grain quantities need to be scaled up
to adjust for this. Once you've made a batch or two you can then tweak this
adjustment to a final value.

Oh, one last thing. Don't try to replicate the (I think) Marzen beer recipe.
I think this is the one. It is the one that calls for 10 pounds of "homemade
Vienna malt". Since the "homemade" process will denature all the malt enzymes
there are none left to mash the grain for this recipe. I don't know what the
story was supposed to be with this one.

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