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From: (Alan Duester)
Subject: Goose Island
Date: 1989-11-08 01:36:20 GMT

I was in Chicago last weekend and stopped in for dinner with some friends at
the Goose Island Brewery, 1800 N. Clyborne, (312) 915-0071. I recommend that
you stop in if you can. I certainly am when I next get back to Chicago. They
have a banquet hall that can handle groups of 500 in addition to the main bar
and restaurant areas.

The building is an old factory converted to a small mall. Decor tends toward
yuppie fern bar style. Food is mixed in quality and portion size. Entree style
dinners are geared more towards flash than fill, while the sandwiches come on
large platters. Appetizers are a tad expensive for what you get, but they are
good quality. The beer is marvelous. I was a trifle disappointed in the darker
brews, as I thought they needed more body. The porter was fairly light and
lacking. But then, my own Deadly Dark is so dark you can't see a dive light
through the neck of the bottle, and my "light" beer is about the color of
Beck's dark.......

The pilsner was astounding. Nice & hoppy, and I had trouble keeping my tongue
from jumping out of my mouth to go swimming in it! After doing in their
sampler (5 six oz. glasses), I ordered another full pilsner. It was
surprising, as my tastes don't tend to run to that end of the spectrum.

Unfortunately, the waitress couldn't provide me with any information on the
types of hops used, etc. Just your standard "The hot wort is then pumped..."
info sheet explaning how beer is made, plus the brewmeisters resume.

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Date: Tue, 7 Nov 89 12:24:33 CST
From: ingr!b11!maven!
Subject: Recipe Request

I recently had some Bellhaven Scottish Ale and would love to try making a
similar tasting beer. Does anyone have a recipe for Scottish Ale (the closer
to Bellhaven the better) and for that matter, what gives Scottish Ale its
distinctive taste?

Dave Bradford ...uunet!ingr!b11!maven!dave (UUCP)
b11!maven! (Internet)

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