From the HBD Archive
From: rogerl@Think.COM
Subject: More comments on using Champagne bottles
Date: 1989-01-07 20:53:56 GMT

I guess I spoke to soon. Today I was getting ready to bottle and
found the latest batch of bottles I received have a larger lip on
them. Oh well. I'm stll going to use these giants but will seal them
with the old champagne cork (plastic) and wires. If you can find the
half bottles of champagne I do believe that the normal longneck cap
fits those fine. Again, get to know a bar that serves champagne on a
regular bases and you will have a ready supply without having to
generate these empties on your own. The wallet will like it too. I
realize it's not as much fun, but being of limited means as many of us
are one does what one can do.

Keep on homebrewin'.
Roger Locniskar

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