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From: Mike Fertsch <>
Subject: Is homebrew a bargain?
Date: 1989-11-08 14:31:00 GMT

Ed Falk has some comments on the cost of homebrewing -

> Anyway, we're coming to the conclusion that this hobby
> isn't as inexpensive as we thought it would be. The wine concentrate
> was $12 (to make two gallons of wine) and malt extract is over a dollar
> a pound.

Gee, I wish I could get malt extract for 'over a dollar a pound'. My local
retailer lists dried malt for $2.75 per pound, and 3.3 pound syrups for $7.85.
By making large orders, I still pay over two dollars a pound for extract.
Even so, I make quality all-malt beers for around $10 a case. This is high
compared to the cheap national brands, but is cheap compared to the $20 a case
I pay for quality premium beers.

My recollection is that syrup USED to sell for around $4.95 a can. The
worsening foreign exchange rate has pushed imported extracts through the roof!
I agree with Ed; homebrewing is not the bargain we hoped it would be.

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