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From: abvax!!bwc@cwjcc.INS.CWRU.Edu (Barry Cunningham)
Subject: Halloween Beer
Date: 1989-11-08 15:13:33 GMT

I just started up a batch of beer recently in honor of
Halloween. I'm not sure what to call it. Maybe 'Great
Pumpkin Bitter'. The inspiration for it was an article on
vegatable brews in Zymurgy dating from early last year and a
superabundance of Cooper's Bitter kits which I obtained for
$1.99 per can. It is probably my most adventurous recipe to
date (save for some Honey Botchard from Berry's book which
is better forgotten)

The recipe follows:


1 can Cooper's Bitter hopped malt syrup
1.5# Munton and Fison dry malt extract
0.25# black patent malt (lightly crushed)
1 cup Brer Rabbit molasses
0.5 oz Tettnanger hop pellets (30 minute boil)
0.5 oz Tettnanger hop pellets (at end of boil for
2 3" cinnamon sticks (10 minute boil)
2-3 oz fresh grated ginger (boiled with wort for
full 60 minutes)

Prepare all these ingredients in the usual fashion: steep
the BP malt, remove, add extracts, etc. as indicated,
boiling the wort for 60 minutes. In addition prepare

10# pumpkin mush (pumkin flesh minus seeds,
stringy stuff, and skin mushed in a blender
or food grinder)
0.5 cup chopped cilantro mushed up with pumpkin
1-2 oz fresh grated ginger blended with pumpkin mush

Place the pumpkin mush in a large grain bag and immerse in
hot wort as it comes off the stove for about 15 minutes to
pasturize it. Place the whole mess in a large plastic
primary fermenter, make up to about 6.5 gallons total and

2 packs rehydrated Pasteur Champagne yeast

when temperature is suitable. It is destined to remain in
the primary for a week. Then the pumpkin mush will be
removed and the remaining liquid put in a 5 gallon carboy
for a secondary fermentation. It will be racked after three
weeks into another carboy and bottled after another 2

I just did the move into the 5 gallon carboy last Monday
night. It is quite aromatic. I think I'll wait until
around Christmas to sample it so that I don't get too
depressed. The intent was that it would be an unusual
sipping brew for NEXT Halloween. It is definitely not for
consuming in large quantity. I'll keep you posted about how
it turns out.

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