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From: aimla!serpentine!ken@suntzu.West.Sun.COM (Ken Ellinwood)
Subject: M&F Malt Color
Date: 1989-11-09 02:01:05 GMT

Has anyone else noticed that Munton & Fison light malt extract in a can
is darker than M&F light dry malt extract? I recently brewed a version
of my roomates "Scotish Steamy Ale" and it came out much darker than the
original. His original recipe is:

6 lbs M&F light dry extract
1 lb Scotich Crystal malt (40 lovibond ????)
1 oz Northern Brewers (leaf, 55 min)
0.5 oz Northern Brewers (leaf, 5 min)
5 gals of untreated Arrowhead bottled water
Brewer's Choice American Ale yeast

When I brewed it, I modified the recipe based on the assumption that
the crystal malt I had on hand was much darker. I added only 1/2 lb
of crystal malt because I was convinced that it was in the 90 lovibond
range. I also used 6.6lbs of M&F malt extract out of cans. The
resulting beer is about 1/3 as dark as the original. Anyone concur?

Ken Ellinwood
American Interactive Media
11050 Santa Monica Blvd. #300
Los Angeles, CA 90025
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