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From: <>
Subject: cheap grain source, Zymury yeast issue
Date: 1989-11-09 13:57:00 GMT

Another cheap source for grain arrived in the mail yesterday: Green Acres in
Esko MN. I don't have the address on me, but I think they advertise in the
Classified section of Zymurgy. I'll post the address tomorrow. They sell
most grains in #50 bags for $27-33 ($0.54-0.66) plus shipping. Wow -- 2-row
Klages for $28/#50! They also sell bulk malt extract fairly cheaply. (I've
never use this supplier, but they're from Minnesota, so they MUST be
wholesome and honest).

So, how do people get away with selling malt for 1.50/lb, as I've
occasionally seen? Let's imagine they
are getting it for $20/#50. Selling it at $1.50/lb is a 360% markup.
Somebody's getting ripped off here. While I understand why homebrew shops
(storefronts) need to mark-up more than mail-orders (and I've supported them
when they are within 30 miles and don't try to sell me brown, cheesy hops),
this kind of pricing inevitably drives all-grain mashers like myself into the
arms of mail-order houses and my friendly local brewer for the main
ingredients of my beer.

With regards to the Zymurgy special yeast issue:

> In the mail the other day, I received a special edition of Zymurgy,
> which is devoted entirely to yeast! I haven't read it all yet, but
> there is some eye-opening information in there, particularly the tables
> comparing the qualities of various commercial yeasts.

I agree -- lot's of late night reading and learning. The review of the dry
yeasts and descriptions of various liquid strains' characters was great. Also
interesting was the article by the guy who uses blocks of Fleischmann's for
lagering. Has anyone tried this yet (seems hard to believe)?

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