From the HBD Archive
From: (Martin D. Weinberg)
Subject: Re: Water quality?
Date: 1989-11-09 14:54:46 GMT

I have been brewing in Princeton, NJ for several years; all brews from local
water (otherwise unpurified) had unpleasant defects. I will not use Princeton
water under any circumstances. Now, I got a water analysis from the water
company (samples taken at the plant) and there was nothing amis (judging from
the discus- sion in Noonan's book); maybe its "in the pipes". But anyway,
unless you want to reverse osmosis and then carbon filter, I'd buy the bottled
(and even then . . .)

The water sold by many of the local supermarkets (e.g. SuperFresh) is bottled
by Wissahickon in PA. I wrote them for an analysis just to get the mineral
contents right, so I knew how to adjust for brewing a Pale.

By the way, after seeing what it did to my beer, I won't *drink* the tap water

P.S. I usually do grain/extract brewing, and boil a large fraction of the
wort and then boil the rest of the brewing water for 20 mins. So the bad
results from local water were not caused by bacteria in the water supply (I

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