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From: att!iwtio!korz@hplabs.HP.COM
Subject: Re: Water quality?
Date: 1989-11-09 17:34:39 GMT

>people. BTW, I live in New Jersey, and I'm not too sure about the
>quality of the drinking water (I'll call my water company tomorrow
>for an analysis). Am I making too much of this?

No, I don't feel that you are making too much of this. Beer is 95% water and
as we all know, "Garbage in, garbage out." The water company analysis will
let you know if your water is too soft or hard and if you can doctor it for
the particular style of beer you plan to make (ales are traditionally made
from hard water - because that's what they had, and lagers form soft water -
because that's what they had).

On the other hand, however, I used to buy distilled bottled water and then add
Burton Water Salts to get the hardness right. However, the tap water here in
the Chicago area is (I've been told, very neutral - flavorless and not too
soft or hard) so I've switched to boiled, chilled tap water and have had no
ill effects. The general rule is: if it tastes good before it's made into
beer, chances are it will not give your beer off-flavors.


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