From the HBD Archive
Subject: #298, Geordie Bitters Woes
Date: 1989-11-09 16:45:41 GMT

In # 298, Lance "Turbo" Smith questions the goodness of his batch of Geordie
Scottish Ale. A similar thing happened to me last summer. I had a great
looking batch of Geordie in the carboy glubbing away when my wife talked me
into ripping up the kitchen for a remodelling job. Two months later, I dusted
the sawdust off the carboy, racked it into the big fermenter, mixed in a cup
of corn sugar, and bottled it. It required many days for carbonation to start
again (probably due to dormant yeast), and after carbonation, the brews tasted
sour, dry, and lifeless. I didn't however have a bodacious amount of carbona-
tion as did Lance's batch. I had used dry yeast at the time, but can't recall
which one. After that experience, I decided that remodelling kitchens is bad
for beer brewing and promised never to interrupt brewing for home repair again.

[Florian Bell--waiting for the Thanksgiving ales in Central Oregon]

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