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From: nosun!sharpwa!GODZLA.decnet!CROASDILL@Sun.COM (This PIZZA symbolizes my COMPLETE EMOTIONAL RECOVERY!!)
Subject: An odd bit about bottles...
Date: 1989-01-09 07:24:57 GMT

Hi there!

Just a quick note about Champagne bottles. There appears to be two standards in
mouth/lip sizes. One is what is commonly called American and the other is
European. I have found that while the sizes vary slightly, you can cap any
bottle from an American winery (Andre's, Cook's, Ballatore, Martinelli's).
However, the European is larger (Cordon Negro, etc ) and will ruin your capper.

We routinely fill one case of beer bottles and one case of Champagne bottles
per five gallon batch. We have never had a Champagne bottle burst (although we
lost some 11 oz beer bottles last summer).

There are fewer to clean, they fill faster and there is less oxidation going on.
Any questions?? Any doubts left??
I'm tired of bottles now anyway, I wanna start keggin'!
Greg Croasdill
UUCP: ...(tektronix | sun | percival)!nosun!sharpwa!gcc
Snail: Sharp Microelectronics fone : (206) 253-3738
Vancouver,WA (the other Vancouver) "Don't believe everything you read"

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