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From: Glenn Colon-Bonet <gcb@hpfigcb>
Subject: Re: Kegging
Date: 1989-11-10 20:15:12 GMT

The 5 gallon stainless steel canisters, or Cornelius kegs, can be purchased
new from a number of distributors. The Brewer's Warehouse carries 3 and 5
gallon new kegs for $63 and $65 for the "Spartan" (one-handle) model and $67
for the 5 gallon "Super Champion" (two handle plastic top, also Firestone).
The guy I talked to at the Brewer's Warehouse said they sometimes carry used
kegs for around $35, so you may want to check with them. Also, Rapids carries
the new 3 and 5 gallon Spartan models for similar or slightly lower prices.
Now as far as getting ahold of inexpensive used ones, I was able to purchase
some from a small local beverage distributor not affiliated with any of the
major companies for about $20 each. I also found used kegs from Colonel John's
in Boulder, CO for around $30. I don't know if everyone else has had the same
luck I did, but when I tried to purchase used kegs from the major soda
distributors they were not at all helpful. If you do find used kegs, its a
good idea to replace the rubber O-rings that seal the top of the keg. The old
ones tend to keep their soda flavor regardless of how hard you try to clean
Good Luck!

P.S. By the way, Rapids sells a "portable tapper" keg refrigerator that works
great for holding 4 "spartan" cornelius kegs! They exchanged the single
tapper for a 4 head shotgun tapper and, with a little plumbing, we now have 4
homebrews on tap at all times!

Kegging Sources:
%A 1011 2nd Ave. S.W.
%A P.O. Box 396
%C Cedar Rapids
%P 52406
%N 800-553-7906
%K supplies mailorder keg commercial
%X Commercial kitchen supplies including kegging equipment and pots, etc.

%Q Brewers Warehouse
%A 4250 Union Bay Pl. N.E.
%C Seatle
%P 98105
%N (206) 527-5047
%K brew supplies mailorder
%X each catalog is $1.00
Ask for:
- Brewing Systems Catalog
- Keggin Systems Catalog
- Supplies & Equipment Catalog

%Q Colonel John Brewing Supplies and Equipment
%A 745 Pine Street
%C Boulder
%P 80302
%N (303) 442-2789

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