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From: bose!chuck@uunet.UU.NET (Chuck Cox)
Subject: Re: sterilizing & kegging
Date: 1989-11-10 15:59:00 GMT

I have been sterilizing my bottle caps in chlorine for 7 years now with no

For the last 2 years I have been sterilizing my carboys & kegs by adding 1 oz
of chlorine to approx 2 quarts of water. I do this as soon as the carboy is
emptied, roll it around a bit, then store it this way. Because I have so many
carboys & kegs, most will sit for at least a month before being used. I just
roll it around one more time, then rinse with hot water before use. It is a
lot easier to deal with a few quarts of chlorine solution, than 5 gallons.

On the very rare occasion that I bottle, I spray the bottles with a very
strong chlorine solution and let them sit, instead of soaking them.

I have had no problems with any of the above techniques, and am currently
recommending them to my students & fellow homebrewers.

On the subject of acquiring kegs.
I get my kegs from the various bars that I patronize.
I simply pay for the deposit.
For beer kegs it is $10.
For soda kegs it is $0 (not a typo: they are free).
That is why I have 8 soda kegs and only 3 beer kegs.

- Chuck Cox - certified professional beer drinker

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