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From: Dr. T. Andrews <ki4pv!tanner@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: Re: Re: Is Homebrew a Bargain?
Date: 1989-11-11 13:12:55 GMT

) What's all this talk about bargains? How much is you're [sic]
) time worth?

Well, I originally got started making beer account of the high price of good
beer, and the land payments which were about to leave me in the poor-house.
Land is paid (modulo taxes every year), but I keep on making beer; it was a
learning experience, and good home-brew is not sold in stores.

I still appreciate a bargain. Not the type of bargain which would lead the
boss to buying Intertek (now Wells American) equipment, but a small savings
without loss of benefits. I consider having my own beer to be a major
benefit, as it is generally made to my taste.

If I can save some money on my beer without lowering quality, I like that. I
expect that most of us, not having infinite money supplies, enjoy saving money
on our beer \(em even if we turn around and spend the savings on more beer

You surely don't expect me to complain about the savings on raw honey a couple
of week-ends ago: a place west of Trilby got $10 for 12#; one project this
week-end is therefore a honey-wheat beer.
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