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From: (John DeCarlo)
Subject: Pitching Yeast
Date: 1989-11-13 14:10:58 GMT

> Mark Leone,, writes:

>Papazian and others recommend pitching yeast only after the wort has
>cooled to 68 degrees or less. A dilemma: Suppose your wort is at 80
>degrees and you have to go to work. Should you (1) pitch the yeast
>now, or (2) wait eight hours. It seems like the latter option gives
>too much time for bacterial nasties to take over the wort. Where do
>you draw the line? (I've added yeast to 85 degree wort and still
>obtained good results). Also, when you pitch (ale) yeast, should you
>just sprinkle it on top of the wort, or mix it in with a sanitized

I think the clear winner is option number (1), since the longer you wait, as
you say, the worse things are likely to get.

However, when you pitch ale yeast (I am assuming you are talking about the
powdered yeast), you should always rehydrate it in 90-100 degree water first.
Most packets have the instructions on the back of them, surprisingly enough
:-) [I know I never read the back until told about it.]. Then, once you see
some activity in the water, you can mix it into the wort.

Mixing into the wort is probably best done with a sanitized spoon, IMHO. You
want to make sure those yeasties get access to all of the wort, not just what
is on top.

John "Of course, when you brew all night :-)" DeCarlo

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