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From: att!iwtio!korz@hplabs.HP.COM
Subject: Re: Belgian beers
Date: 1989-11-13 19:54:23 GMT

I don't know about a lot of different kinds of Belgian beers, but Belgian
Lambics get their tartness from lactic acid which is produced by
lactobaccillus (sp?), the buggers that usually make milk go sour. I
personally have only tried Chimay Lambic Ale and didn't like it, so I never
pursued a recipe, but you might try laboratory supply companies for
lactobaccillus (again, sp?) slants. Maybe you could just add food grade lactic
acid if there is such an animal. Traditionally, Trappist Monks made Belgian
Lambics and used wild yeasts (which apparently also carried in
lactobaccillus). They didn't pitch yeast - they just left the fermentation
vessels open to the air and waited for something to float in and take hold. I
wouldn't recommend this proceedure.


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