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From: shipit!
Subject: Homebrew in space?
Date: 1989-11-13 19:33:53 GMT

I found this in Anyone feel like trying to get a micro-brewery
stuffed into a "Getaway special"?

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> Subject: Micro-gravity fermentation experiments
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> Date: 13 Nov 89 09:47:50 GMT
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> If people are going to live comfortably in Earth orbit, L5 or some
> other low gravity environment they must have suitable facilities, for
> instance, a good pub within easy floating distance. Obviously shipping
> casks of beer up from the surface of the Earth would be much to
> expensive and would probably ruin the beer. Thus one of the most
> important, yet neglected, aspects of space research is how to brew a
> good beer in space.
> After all Coke and Pepsi got their cans into space as a "scientific"
> experiment!
David L. Smith
FPS Computing, San Diego
ucsd!celerity!dave or
"Repent, Harlequin!," said the TickTock Man

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